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Signing ceremony of Gymnasiade 2020 held on Nov. 1, 2017
2017-11-01 17:45:44 Editor:  GuShanshan

The signing ceremony of the 2020 Gymnasiade is held in south China's Jinjiang City on November 1, 2017.

The agreement between the host city and the International School sport Federation (ISF) was signed in south China's Jinjiang City on November 1, 2017. ISF, the China School Sports Federation (CSSF) and Jinjiang municipal people's government jointly signed the cooperation agreement on the 2020 Gymnasiade. The signing ceremony marked that Jinjiang would join hands with ISF and CSSF to officially start the preparation for the 2020 Gymnasiade.

ISF President Laurent Petrynka, ISF Secretary General Yang Kunlun, secretary general of the Joint Secretariat of Student Sports Association of the Ministry of Education Xue Yanqing, CSSF vice chairman Yang Liguo and leaders of Quanzhou City and Jinjiang City including Ji Xiangfeng, Liu Wenru, Zhang Wenxian, Hong Yuquan, Lin Renda, Chen Jinyong attended the signing ceremony.